• Worked with designers & web programmers before, and you were super frustrated with the process, spending lots of money without getting something that felt like you. You want to work with them more effectively, or NOT have to work with them at all!

  • Scared you aren't creative enough, because you have never designed before, or maybe you have but your designs don't look quite as professional as you would like

  • Have website and brand design shame, because your images aren't good enough, or doesn't feel like you, but your ready to take your design game to the next level!
  • Frustrated with technology and haven't even considered more complex programs like Photoshop and Illustrator cause they seem too hard. 

  • Need confidence and clarity on what you're doing is the right thing for your brand & web design.  You need clear step by step instructions on what to do and when, without getting stuck in "analysis paralysis"

  • Afraid of putting yourself out there so you don't FAIL before you even begin.

  • You secretly (or not so secretly) want to be a designer, (or at least design like a pro for yourself.)

...or You're waiting until everything is just magically perfect...

and you just keep banging your head against the wall, having brand and website envy of all your favorite entrepreneurs, wishing somehow that you could feel proud of your brand and website... but you have no idea where to start.  Darlin', you're in the right place!

If you've secretly wanted to become a designer, but don't know if you could...

"Taking Launch Your Brand completely changed the trajectory of how I earn money as a creative. After taking LYB, I ended up loving design so much that I started offering branding and graphic design as a service to compliment my writing offerings.

Jenna is the best teacher I've ever had, (and I went to Stanford!)"

-Nicole (Marietta) Bonsol. Singer-Songwriter, Writer and NOW Designer.


(She now has a sold out design business, booked months in advance! And she didn't even know she wanted to do this professionally before!)



Work Produced in Class



Celebrating the moment when you send out the link to your newly branded website to an audience who has been waiting for it!  Imagine that your website experience, is the same experience as meeting you on your best day, in person...Finally your website was working for you, while you were away from the computer, bringing in email subscribers and sales consistently!

Imagine the feeling of being the creative director of your brand, and how you can either develop exactly what feels like you, or hire a designer and get exactly what you need from them without a ton of back and forth.

You have a website on a technology that is easy and fun to use. You are ready to promote yourself, you feel confident because you have a system in place, that doesn't require any extra support. 

Every time your email pings your phone with a new subscriber, you run around the house high-fiving everyone in your family, because you made it!  People believe in you, because you believe in yourself.

You will have brand and website that finally feels like you.  You don't have to wait days for your designer or programmer to work on your business when they get back from vacation.   You are finally able to be 100% self sufficient and it makes you feel like a entrepreneurial rockstar!

Give the universe a fist bump. Give yourself a pat on the back. You did it, your brand and website looks like a multi-thousand dollar masterpiece AND you did it yourself.

  Let's launch your brand, shall we?


I was dying of "comparison-itis", and was struggling to launch my brand because I was comparing my website to all of the big players in my field and trying to be them instead of myself... but then I had a wake up call, and put together something that felt 100% me. 

I couldn't get certain technologies to "play well together," I spent thousands of dollars on web programmers, and trying to figure out Wordpress only to cry, end up broke with a website that felt nothing like me... But then I found out a better way!

After 2 years of endless research, testing with over 300 students, and finally reaching MULTIPLE SIX FIGURES, with over 8,000 entrepreneurs just like you who finally resonated with me, because I figured out the secrets to what it takes to create a brand that felt truly and authentically me... 

I figured out the secrets to taking an inexperienced, newbie, non-designer, or someone who has been trying to design like a pro (but for some reason is missing the mark) and teach exactly how to transfer my designer & branding mind into yours. You will think like me, and produce designs as good if not better than I can. Without hiring out, if you don't want to.  

Or if designing yourself isn't your thing, you'll be able to identify a good designer and become the Creative Director of your brand to get EXACTLY what you want out of a designer!

Allow me to introduce myself... I'm the..

I'm a former university professor of design and branding for three universities, including The Forbes School of Business and The University of Oregon. I am also a former Nike Senior Graphic designer, long time entrepreneur with my own graphic design studio and branded hundreds of small to medium sized businesses.

I hold a Bachelor's in Multimedia Design, and I hold a MBA in Marketing. I have won an international design award for my design work. I am obsessed with helping entrepreneurs design on trend, and turn potential customers into raving fanatics.

I'm pretty much one of the sassiest, friendliest, and quirkiest women you'll ever meet. When I talk about something I'm excited about my eyes get ridiculously big.... sort of like a deer in headlights!

I am insanely passionate about helping students bring their gifts to the world through online education! So let's look at what some of my students have created...


You can call me, Miss Jenna...


You don't have to have a typical Internet business to benefit from this course, you can have a product or brick and mortar!

This Caramel Maker, Now Getting Praised In The Media For Her Sauce, And Her Branding! 


"I mean, countless people from customers, individual customers, to stores I’ve approached have ALL remarked on how beautiful the design is. And, I am so proud, I mean, SO PROUD, to say, “I did that! I did that…" And without Jenna, I would have never been able to that.” - Kristin Nelson

STUDENT CASE STUDY: Catherine Cerulli


If you're afraid of technology.  This amazing woman had never touched Illustrator or Photoshop before!  

"I can just say, unequivocally, that this course, launch your brand, was the best business investment I have made in getting the technology expertise i needed to actually get a website out there. For anyone who, like me, who did not know her c-s-s from her a-s-s, I’ll tell what, you will come out of this course with confidence, clarity and a wonderful website."

If you've ever suffered from website shame and didn't know what to do... This story is for you!

"…and here’s why we’re happy. I’m gonna have to admit Shelley, I was a little intimidated, I personally was intimidated, I was like “branding? we’re gonna learn branding? but Jenna made us feel so comfortable and broke everything down - we could easily understand it. And what she does is she provides the strategy of formula, we can continue to work on our branding. We can continue to move forward. And that’s so good because now we have the basics of what we need to know."

STUDENT CASE STUDY: Claudette & Shelley



STUDENT CASE STUDY: Nancy Colbert Hardy

Through doing her course I gained clarity around doing the brand photography and doing the blog photography and also still being able to integrate my yoga by doing it for conscious entrepreneurs. So it’s like I kinda got to pull everything together thanks to her."

Amanda Nazzal



Amanda has now launched her amazing new course utilizing the skills she learned from LYB and My OTHER signature course, "The Course Launcher"  More about that down the page!

+ Learn Basics to Advanced Skills in Photoshop to create ANYTHING YOU      CAN IMAGINE!

+ Learn Basics to Advanced Skills in Illustrator to create LOGOS, modify          illustrations.

+ Use Logo Templates You Can Easily Modify

+ Learn Basic to Advanced skills in Canva and Pixlr (for those on a budget)

+ Easy to use Social Media Templates for Designing

+ Define a "Why" that gives you and your brand purpose

+ Identify Your Ideal Client Based on REAL People to attract your ideals

Create a Parent & Sub-Brand Strategy that make things feel super cohesive

Define Your Brand Personality, BEFORE You design or Get Photos Taken, to get a brand that feels exactly like you!

Learn the 4 Most Essential Design Principles to make every design look pro!

Find inspiration in and outside your industry to NOT guess on trends

+ Speak the Language of design with designers, so that you can get EXACTLY what you want from any creative you work with: photographers, illustrators, designers


+ Create a pro Mood Board that you or a designer can design from

How to find fonts, images, from Stock companies that match your        mood board to get the exact design that you want

Get a list of highly valuable stock images and typography to always have the best looking photography / illustrations w/o hiring a photographer or illustrator 

Pinterest Basics Tips & Tricks to create an amazing mood board

+ A GET IT DONE TRACK to get your website up FAST!

+ Create a Dynamic and ON Trend Website Setup FOR Massive List Building

+ A step-by-step website creation process that is fool proof

Create dynamic interesting content that builds credibility and grows your list

+ Create a list-building lead magnet that makes people salivate to join your list!


Launch Your Brand Office Hours: May 25 - July 1 Tues 3 pm PST / Sat 12 pm PST


Feedback from me, on every single assignment generally within 24-48 hours - 9-5pm M-Friday

+ + +  Exclusive FREE Offer when you join Launch Your Brand + + +

Video Branding School for Entrepreneurs: 

Build credibility with a Signature brand video

You'll Learn Jenny Taylor's:

  • Exact methodology for creating a Signature Brand Video  
  • How to become the director and producer of your videos and outsource the tech
  • Dive deep into crafting the story of your brand and products. Discover what you're really selling.
  • Ideal client interviewing techniques that guide you into writing your script


  • Scriptwriting 
  • On camera techniques
  • Storyboarding
  • Outsourcing
  • Where to use your video to get results 

Amber McCue's....

Value $1200




OPTION#2 : Includes everything on the left PLUS



with Jenny and Jenna in person in San Diego

Come get our brains in your business for 3 full days. We’ll support you as you get that project that’s been on your plate for months (or years) done in 3 days! 

The tech industry is famous for holding "hackathons" where people gather for 3 days and launch entire businesses with a product to sell

The reason this method is so successful is because there is no time to overthink, procrastinate or be fearful of not being ready.

There will be no trainings and lectures. All masterminding will be done before hand in a coaching call so when you get to San Diego it will be a work-a-thon!

Where we shine:  Creative Direction, Design, branding, story strategy, website tech, ALL the tech for your business:  leadpages, active campaign, squarespace, photoshop, illustrator, video editing software, video script writing, production, social media strategy, launch strategy, funnels, up-leving your professionalism, pep talks to feel confident and worthy... whatever is holding you back!

Then you get THREE days and 30 HOURS IN PERSON hours to complete the biggest thing that is holding you back... with our winning strategies and input.

There is no hot seats, or extra learning, this is straight up strategy and implementation to get you EVERYTHING you need to get through your biggest challenge, custom to your needs.

EXAMPLES of things to "GET DONE"--

Finish site, finish online course you've been sitting on, build funnel, create Facebook Ad campaign for a launch, turn your site into a lead generation machine, create the funnel you've been dying to put on auto-pilot.... the list goes on and on.

The Get It Done Incubator Includes:

1 introduction group coaching call 

In this session we’ll learn about you and your business and create a goal for your in-person workathon.

2 Get It Done Virtual Co-Working Days (1 before our live session and 1 after)

We’ll all meet on Zoom and be live together as we work! It’s the ultimate accountability. We’ll all say what we are going to accomplish and go do it. For example if you need to hire tech support to set up the funnel you’re going to create at the workathon this is a good time to do it. 

3 days IN-PERSON at the Get It Done Incubator in San Diego

We will provide an inspiring and productive work sanctuary to meet at every day and work work work!! 

You’ll have everything you need to have a focused work session with 1 on 1 coaching from us every step of the way as you need it. We’ll there to make sure your work gets done!

We will provide a delicious and healthy breakfast and lunch every day plus 1 group dinner to celebrate our success!! 

There will be some surprise experiences to reward you throughout the day for your hard work :) 

We will provide: Breakfast, lunch, 1 FUN dinner, 1 fun networking cocktail party... morning yoga/meditation classes,  beach time,  fabulous working environment, strategy, support, pep talks, and ass kickings!

This is limited to 6 people per event.

There will be 3 people to each facilitator, with some extra tech helpers on staff.

We will prep you with coaching before you come, and a call post event to make sure everything was implemented.  With 2 Virtual co-working days to fill in any missing pieces.

6 SPOTS for Aug 1-3 - In San Diego 

6 SPOTS for Aug 10-13- In San Diego

(does NOT include transport or lodging... does include workspace, food, yoga, and love!)

Upon registration we will call you by phone to confirm dates/times.


(Value $1997)

Everything you need, to create a brand strategy, design a logo and website, just like a professional. WITH 30 days of GROUP COACHING, with Jenna creatively directing your brand!

Jenny Taylor's -


(Value $997) - Video Branding School for Entrepreneurs:  Everything you need to build a signature brand video and master the message of your brand.

Amber McCue's CEO School ($1200 Value)

+ Other included courses: The Biz Idea Plan ($197) , Convertkit Masterclass ($297),

Launch Your Lead Magnet ($397), Creative Culture Club ($588)

LYB Private Facebook Group

LYB Office Hours Replays

Lifetime Access (Priceless)






You get access instantly to  Launch Your Brand and the Facebook groups. I'll start giving you feedback immediately on assignments so no need to wait until May 22.  The Bonuses do not start until May 22,  when your 45 days of "live" course begins.


You have 30 days to request a refund, and if you do so, you must provide proof that you did each of the homework assignments for the first 2 modules of LYB.


I work with students of ALL levels, from the most tech-phobic, to super skilled. In regards to let's say you don't have a business or course idea at all! Things might take you a bit longer. You do not need a website, a brand, or even truly know who your ideal clients or targets are yet because through my process you will figure all of this out! It might be shocking cause you might think you know what you want, or what the market wants and it's likely that you'll discover things you could have never guessed!  Also, my refund rates are less than 2%, so that says something! 


This depends on you! Launch Your Brand Program is about 10 Hours of video. 

You can also estimate about 1 hour a week for group coaching calls:


Launch Your Brand Office Hours: May 23 - July 1 Tues 3 pm PST / Sat 12 pm PST


FOR LAUNCH YOUR BRAND -- you get a free trial of Creative Cloud, but you're looking at costs beyond 14 days  $20-50 a month, and price of stock images, photography, fonts. If you use services like Canva for Work, which I cover there is a small monthly fee for that.  If you hire a photographer, or videographer, or someone to help you with content, obviously there are extra costs with that.